For Such a Time as This…

I can remember those times in my life when God has drawn me closer to Him and held me by His side. Some of those times are times that I wish not to remember fully…the death of a child, the crumbling of a marriage, and the feeling of devastation/loss of a friendship in turmoil. Looking back, I do however wish to remember the redemption side of each of those stories, the perfect plan that God carried out to heal my heart (and the hearts of others) and bring me closer to Him. But, other times…I wish to treasure and never forget the intensity of the lessons that God was/is teaching me. For such a time as this.

Mountains of Gressier

God is showing me so much about who I am and what His purpose is for me. Our family has recently moved to a different place in Haiti. Change is good, sometimes hard, but with God’s help, it is a beautiful adventure. I don’t know if I fully understand what my role in this new community looks like quite yet. Of course, I always strive to be a Christ follower first, help mate to my husband, and an intentional mother to my kids. These are, and always will be, my first priorities, and honestly, they take much of my day. Little people need to be educated, fed, watered, played with, and encouraged daily no matter where you live (and on most days, this is such a joy to be doing).  And keeping up with the house, etc….well, it all takes time. These things are all things that are impacting eternity, although sometimes I allow satan to attack and I allow myself to think I am not doing anything worthwhile. We feel strongly about discipling our sweet kiddos and growing them into young men and women that will make an impact for Christ in this world.

chris and tracy

But outreach…what does that look like in this new community called Gressier? We don’t live in a village anymore…people are not just “there” as you pass by to talk to.  There are a lot more gates…and people tend to stay behind them. So, what is my role? God has shown me in the past week that my role is the same….to love my neighbor as myself and to be the hands and feet of Jesus to this community. The avenue to get there might be different though…a little longer, rockier, and even steep.  My love for loving others has not changed, but I am needing to reach beyond my comfort zone to apply it.  I feel like God has been telling me to get up and get outside, go for walks, knock on gates, start conversations, hold babies, encourage young moms. And so, that is what I have done over the past few days.

And you know what? I can feel it…I can feel the uncertainty that was residing in my heart begin to fade. I can feel God’s purpose begin to fill me up again. And I can see that God brought our family here…for such a time as this. My husband has great God given talents that are going to blow the socks off of this community. He is in his niche again, and my heart is so happy for him…for such a time as this. And me? Well…I think God has given me a heart to love others, and to spread His love specifically to the women and children in this community. Bible study? Weekly lunch? Parenting classes? I might not know the details yet, but I know He has brought me here…for such a time as this.  God’s story is always better than mine. And His plan for our lives is no joke. He doesn’t need me to make the world go round, but I can sure bring Him glory while I’m going ‘round the world….for such a time as this.



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