Pine Cove… The Place We Call Heaven on Earth

One week per year. The week we let all else fade away. It is our favorite week of the year. Our family new year. Our family huddle. A week of rest and spiritual renewal. A week that we vowed would always be priority for our family. It is Pine Cove..our heaven on earth.

We live in Haiti now. It is not always easy to make Week 2 at the Woods the time that we travel back to the states. But it has honestly become more of a priority than ever before. The gift of incredible leaders pouring God’s truth into our lives and hearts is one of the greatest gifts to our marriage and family. And the crazy, amazing counselors that rock our world….I really don’t know where or how Pine Cove can possibly find these amazing college students that have impacted our family year after year. But we are forever grateful for this gift…the gift of Family Camp.

From the moment we arrive at the gates of Pine Cove Woods in early June, our hearts breathe in a sense of peace coupled with anticipation. The anticipation comes from past years of incredible experiences and the excitement of what is to come this year. The sense of peace is rooted in friendships that run deep and a sense of being back home where everything is right. We often talk about Week 2 at the Woods as if it is the greatest family reunion for our family.

We ask our kids where their favorite place in the world is and without hesitation, they holler “PINE COVE”!!! The experiences that our children have been blessed with are second to none. DisneyWorld?? No way…we want PINE COVE!! Every single awesome, fun activity is used as an avenue to spread the gospel of Christ. Zip lines, water skiing, skeet shooting, horseback riding, CLUB, the BLOB, and Friday night carnival are just a few of the activities that our kids are swept away daily to enjoy. During their time with friends and counselors, my husband and I sit and listen to some of the world’s greatest speakers. And, one of our very favorite times that is carved into the schedule are the Tuesday and Thursday date nights (living in Haiti, there are no date nights so this is very special to us).

Words cannot describe the fun times and meaningful memories that Pine Cove holds for our family. Some of our deepest friendships have developed during our week at the Woods every year over the past eight years. Some of the times where we feel closest to God are right there at our favorite place on earth. God’s love, His people’s servant hearts, our family, and the beauty of His creation all meet up in one place…the place and time that we look forward to most every year….Pine Cove. Our heaven on earth.

In honor of our love for Pine Cove and Super Bowl Sunday, Pine Cove is hosting Super Goal Monday…what does that mean? Well, it means we have coupons available for discounts at Pine Cove Camp in the City, Pine Cove Overnight Youth Camp, and Pine Cove Family Camp. You will never ever be sorry that you invested this time and money into your family. So, Monday, February 3rd ONLY, you can register for camp and receive the following discounts when you use the coupon code SGMBLOG:

Camp in the City: $15 off

Overnight Youth Camp: $25 off

Family Camp: $100 off

So, go right now and do NOT miss this opportunity to save money and have the greatest time of your life!! Go online to or call 877-474-6326 and register for the most amazing experience ever!!!

(NOTE: I could post millions of pictures proving that Pine Cove is the very best place on earth….however, the internet in Haiti makes it very difficult to upload all of our fun photos! So, go to Pine Cove and take your own awesome pics because it will be so worth it!) 🙂


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