The Good and the Bad…

Now that we have lived in Haiti for over three months and we have had the opportunity to take a trip back to the States, I wanted to ask the kids their opinions on the ‘good and the bad’ of Haiti. So, we sat around the table and each child was asked…”What is your favorite thing about living in Haiti?” and “What is your least favorite thing about living in Haiti?”. What a testimony it was to me as an adult and as their mommy to listen to their answers to those questions. Here are the direct quotes from the kiddos…

Carter (almost 10)-  (Favorite) “It’s easier to live life here than in America. Like people actually do their life together and enjoy life and each other. But people in America are always so busy, they don’t stop to enjoy life. I’m just glad that we are here for our life and sometimes we all need to slow down.” (Least favorite) “Sometimes it is hard that we cannot just hop in the car to go to the grocery store real quick. If we want to go to the grocery store, it can take the whole day.”

Carter playing tag

Carter playing tag and enjoying life with the kids in the village!

Kynlee (7)- (Favorite) “I love walking around and getting a feeling about their (the people in the village) life. They have almost nothing and we have a lot. If I had to, I would give all of my clothes and have nothing so they would have something to wear. I love them so much.” (Least favorite) “I don’t like mosquitos or bug spray.”

Kynlee gave some of her clothes to this beautiful young girl who needed the much more than we did.

Kynlee gave some of her clothes to this beautiful young girl who needed them much more than we did.

Faith (6)- (Favorite) “My favorite part of Haiti is the beach.” (Least favorite) “It’s so hot.”

Faith loves the beach!

Kyler (5)- (Favorite) “I love to play with all the children and to sit and love them.” (Least favorite) “We can’t understand the people at church. We want to like it like we like our Sunday School in America. It doesn’t stress me out though. I just want to have fun.”

Kyler is so good at loving others and helping others...she brings lots of joy to the village of Neply!

Kyler is so good at loving others and helping others…she brings lots of joy to the village of Neply!

Camp (2 1/2)- (Favorite) “Ralph-roni and Jean Jean” (Least Favorite) “(silence)”

Camp and Jean Jean

Camp enjoying one of his favorite people in Haiti, Jean Jean.

From this, I can learn so much. In my own home, the children that I am supposed to be discipling are ministering to me. They are showing me the value of where God has brought us and how we respond to life here in Haiti. It isn’t easy for our children to know about things that they would never see or be allowed to hear about in the States. It is life here…you cannot escape child slavery, pain and hunger beyond our understanding, physical abuse of children and women, and the list goes on and on. Our kids are able to see beyond that…they see with their hearts. They see that with the love that God has instilled in them at such a young age to love beyond their comfort zone. And to love with His love…so much different than the love of our flesh.

My prayer is that our family will continue to listen to God….to listen to His voice so that we can continue to minister to those without a voice here in Haiti. My prayer is that we would continue to take a step back from entitlement and fleshly desires, and live humbly in His will. My prayer is that we would truly slow down long enough to listen to Him and to hear the hearts of His people in a country that needs His grace, peace, love, and LIFE (just like we do). Thank you Haiti for changing my family, but really thank you God for transforming our hearts and lives.