Until next time, America…

So many amazing things led up to September 4, 2012.  So many people encouraging us, supporting us, leading us, and sharing their homes with us really ministered to our family in a mighty way before leaving the states.  I never want to forget the way that God was right with us every step while we were preparing to move this past month.  We left Midlothian around August 15, and did not return until August 28.  We were homeless in a way because we were blessed with amazing tenants wanting to move into our house, so we rushed to get out of the house….thankfully, many friends and family were willing to put up with us for a few days here and there!

I feel like a post in pictures is about all that I can offer right now.  Our minds and hearts are full of so many feelings, observations, convictions, blessings, and so much more.  It was hard to say goodbye to SO many people that we love. But it was not as hard as disobeying God.  He made it perfectly clear to us that He had paved the way for us…yes, to live so very far away, and yes, for us to take our children to live in a third world country.  Weird?  Yes…but so incredibly rewarding.  Not always easy, but beautiful!  I am excited to write a post about our first two weeks here in Neply, Haiti.  I can hardly believe that it has been almost two weeks already.  But, first, some pictures of our last few weeks in the states.




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