Exciting news….we are moving!!!

   We come to you with excited hearts as God has led the way to a wonderful opportunity for adventure and ministry.  Over the past couple of months, God has opened so many doors to clearly guide our path straight to the amazing village of Neply, Haiti. 

   As we have spent more time in Neply, we have fallen more in love with the people in the village and the vision of myLIFEspeaks.  We already have incredible people doing amazing ground-work to implement God’s plan for the village.  As part of the original plan for myLIFEspeaks, our family was considering fulfilling the role of House Parents to the orphans that join the myLIFEspeaks family.  What a blessing it has been, though, to watch an incredible Haitian couple (Mado and Estonia) step into this role.  We are so excited to support them and empower them to use their lives to speak up for His purpose right there at the myLIFEspeaks house, where we have 5 beautiful children living as a family with a mom and dad that love and care for them deeply.

   In June, Chris, Tracy, and Kyler visited Neply again.  Our hearts truly began to feel like God was asking us to call Neply, Haiti our home.  We met with the co-founders about myLIFEspeaks and what the next step was for our family’s ministry position and God began to open the doors to make our hearts’ desires a reality.  

   It is an honor and blessing to announce that we are now the On-Site Directors of myLIFEspeaks-Haiti.  This new position, however, will require a physical move to Neply.


   God’s timing is so perfect and His will is so intricately designed for His glory in our lives.  All of a sudden, doors are closing and others are opening so quickly that we have a total peace about packing our precious family and moving to the village that captured our hearts.  Our date of departure is September 4th, which is approaching so quickly.  Praise the Lord for his provision in our lives.  

   As part of our preparation for this big move, we ask you to partner with us as we go:
– PRAY FOR US!  Moving a family of seven to another country, learning a new language, and living in a new culture will not always be easy.  God is sovereign and has asked us to GO and make disciples, minister to the lost, love the lonely, care for the sick, and help feed the hungry.  Please pray that we will love with the love of Christ and constantly desire to further His kingdom.
– COMMUNICATE WITH US!  We have such a wonderful group of friends and family with whom we want/need to keep in touch.  Your notes of encouragement and updates on your lives will brighten our days so much when we are far away.  
– VISIT US!  The village of Neply needs you! You will never forget or regret using your time to live for something bigger than yourself.  AND, we would love to see you! 
– PARTNER WITH US FINANCIALLY!  Our family must raise over $60,000 as our financial commitment per year in Neply.  We still need to raise about $18,000 more to make it through the next year.  You can make a one-time or monthly, tax deductible donation to:

    FBC Midlothian
    Online: www.fbcmidlothian.org


   My Life Speaks
   PO Box 683042
   Franklin, TN 37068
   Online: www.mylifespeaks.com
100% of the funds donated to the King-Haiti fund goes directly to our work and LIFE in Haiti.

   As we prepare for our departure in one month, there are many things that we need to gather before we go.  So many of you have asked what you can do to help.  In an effort to organize the majority of our needs in one location, we have created an “Amazon Wish List” that people can use to “shop” for various items.  The list includes household items, educational items, hygiene items, battery operated fans, etc.  We hope to take a supply of American, healthy food with us until our children transition to eating mostly Haitian food.  American food is difficult to find and is very expensive in Haiti.  So, our wish is to buy these items here and pack them in our suitcases.  The items on the “Amazon Wish List” can be shipped directly to our address.

   We are extremely thankful for your willingness to partner with us in so many different ways.  It is such a blessing to experience the body of Christ embracing us as we embrace the journey that God has placed before us.

   We are extremely grateful for the relationships that we have established with all of you.  Likewise, we are giddy with excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead for our family.  We love you and we thank God every time we remember you.  (Phillipians 3

In His Love,
The Kings
1 Thess. 2:8

Email: chris@mylifespeaks.com , tracy@mylifespeaks.com
Blog: www.thehaitibunch.com
Website: www.mylifespeaks.com
Amazon wish list: 


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