A Trip to Remember…

I went to Haiti last week. This trip might have been the most remarkable one that I have experienced to this day.  I desperately missed my sweet husband and darling kids, but my time in Haiti was treasured.  I have never felt so torn between two worlds in my life…my heart is split in two.  I was able to spend some much needed, quality time with our three sweet orphans living at the My LIFE Speaks house.  Malachi, J, and Stephen spoke to my heart in incredible ways while I was there.  They have a past…they have a story…and it is impacting me.  It is impacting who I am, who I want to be, and where God is leading me.  I cannot talk about these boys without feeling joy, without hearing their sweet voices, and seeing their sweet smiles.  Their eyes shine with the love of Christ even though they understand a certain pain and tragedy that I am unfamiliar with.  I cannot talk about them without telling you that each of them has been abandoned by their earthly parents…one found in a ditch by a fireman, one found wandering the streets after the earthquake by an elderly woman, and one found in a garden as a newborn by a young woman.  They each have come separately to the My LIFE Speaks house, yet God has woven their lives together so intricately already.  They are brothers.  They share completely different pasts, but a strong bond of love and understanding.  J was always the first one to divide his snack up so that each of the children would have food.  Malachi could light up the whole village with his adorable smile and fancy dance moves.  And Stephen….well, all you have to do is meet him once, and you will be head over heels in love.  I have so much to learn from these young boys…in so many ways, they ‘get it’. I want to be like them…I want God to use them to teach me lessons that I have never learned.  Lessons of selflessness, joy, generosity, faith, kindness, and so many more.  My week with them is forever etched on my heart.

My time with them came to an end and I came back to the States.  It felt amazing to feel my husband’s arms around me and five kids hanging all over me. But I’m just struggling with one thing…

If home is where the heart is…then where is home?


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