We were asked to speak to a group in West Texas last week.  I sat down to map out my thoughts…and my heart just spilled out onto paper.  Here is what Haiti has done for me.  My words do no justice to the impact that this amazing place has had on my life.

I can’t talk about the staggering statistics and desperate need in Haiti without first telling you how Haiti has changed me. It has redefined my faith. Honestly it has shown me what faith really is. We live in a world of comfortable Christianity…I found myself seeking the comforts of what the world has to offer with as much or more determination as I did my Sovereign God. But my eyes have been opened…. Ive watched people in Haiti truly depend on the Lord for their next bite of food or search for Him in their last breath of life. I was shaken to my core when God showed me what faith really looks like. I began to ask God…what can i give? God began to shape His will for our family through our love for orphans so long ago, but this past year has been the most powerful. His still small voice would remind me of verses in the Bible where He speaks of caring for the orphans and the needy. “whatever you do for the least of these, you have also done for me.” or what about the opposite…”whatever you did NOT do for the least of these, you did not do for me.” and what about “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” and how about in James when he speaks of true religion as an act of caring for orphans and widows in their distress? But i have to tell you that I have been wrestling with God about these two commands that He clearly states in the Bible….”love the Lord your God….and love your neighbor as yourself.” Folks, my neighbor is in Haiti….and just after loving my Father who provides for me, He says that i am to love my neighbor….as myself? God has asked our family to deny ourselves and take up His cross and follow Him. Love my neighbor. Go out among the nations. So we will go to a beautiful place with tremendous need, where tragedy abounds and devastation is dreadful….but where we see a true picture of joy, hope and intimate worship for our God! We will love the nation where over 80% of its people are unemployed, over 50% are illiterate, and around 500,000 orphans are left without families. We will serve the area where 1 in 5 children die of starvation or an easily cured illness and provide meals and shelter to the needy. We will think of something bigger than ourselves, and with God….we will love our neighbors as ourselves.


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