We were asked to speak to a group in West Texas last week.  I sat down to map out my thoughts…and my heart just spilled out onto paper.  Here is what Haiti has done for me.  My words do no justice to the impact that this amazing place has had on my life.

I can’t talk about the staggering statistics and desperate need in Haiti without first telling you how Haiti has changed me. It has redefined my faith. Honestly it has shown me what faith really is. We live in a world of comfortable Christianity…I found myself seeking the comforts of what the world has to offer with as much or more determination as I did my Sovereign God. But my eyes have been opened…. Ive watched people in Haiti truly depend on the Lord for their next bite of food or search for Him in their last breath of life. I was shaken to my core when God showed me what faith really looks like. I began to ask God…what can i give? God began to shape His will for our family through our love for orphans so long ago, but this past year has been the most powerful. His still small voice would remind me of verses in the Bible where He speaks of caring for the orphans and the needy. “whatever you do for the least of these, you have also done for me.” or what about the opposite…”whatever you did NOT do for the least of these, you did not do for me.” and what about “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” and how about in James when he speaks of true religion as an act of caring for orphans and widows in their distress? But i have to tell you that I have been wrestling with God about these two commands that He clearly states in the Bible….”love the Lord your God….and love your neighbor as yourself.” Folks, my neighbor is in Haiti….and just after loving my Father who provides for me, He says that i am to love my neighbor….as myself? God has asked our family to deny ourselves and take up His cross and follow Him. Love my neighbor. Go out among the nations. So we will go to a beautiful place with tremendous need, where tragedy abounds and devastation is dreadful….but where we see a true picture of joy, hope and intimate worship for our God! We will love the nation where over 80% of its people are unemployed, over 50% are illiterate, and around 500,000 orphans are left without families. We will serve the area where 1 in 5 children die of starvation or an easily cured illness and provide meals and shelter to the needy. We will think of something bigger than ourselves, and with God….we will love our neighbors as ourselves.


You’ve Got Questions…We’ve Got Answers!

With God as our guide, our family has answered a calling as missionaries in Haiti, a country that is very close to our hearts.  We are so excited to share with all of you what this journey looks like for our family.  We have listened to so many wonderful stories of friends and family talk about their love for orphans and Haiti, and we have answered many questions regarding our mission work.  In order to better answer all of the questions that are floating around, we have designed a Frequently Asked Questions format of information for you to enjoy!  Thank you for praying alongside us and encouraging us through this incredible time in our lives!


Will you be working with a particular organization while in Haiti?

Yes, the mission organization that we are working with is called myLIFEspeaks.  Check them out at, and read all about the vision that we share a passion for.


As part of the myLIFEspeaks team, will you be paid a salary by the organization?

No…we will have to raise all of the funds for the first year on staff with myLIFEspeaks.  We will have to raise around $50,000 as well as collect some tangible items (not included in the estimated fundraising), including homeschooling curriculum, electronics for homeschooling and correspondence with family and friends, etc.  Feel free to ask specific questions on how this works and how you can help! We have more information to come very soon on this topic!


What is your role with myLIFEspeaks?

As of now, we are the Mission Teams Coordinators.  We are responsible for preparing teams for going to Haiti, coordinating flights, insurance, supplies, and all other trip related tasks.  We will also be leading mission trips to Haiti.  We are thrilled to work with such an amazing ministry, and look forward to the roles that God would have in store for us in the future!


Where is the myLIFEspeaks campus located?

The campus sits in a small village called Neply, northeast of the town, Leogane.  It is approximately 25 miles southwest from Haiti’s capital, Port au Prince.


What language do Haitians speak? 

Creole…we are very excited to learn their language and watch our kiddos acquire a new language as well!


Can friends and family travel to Haiti with you?

YES!!   We would LOVE for all of our friends and family to come visit us in Neply….join a mission team or just come over to visit.  Either way, your heart will be changed forever!


We are so thankful for the role that each of you has played in our lives thus far, and we are incredibly grateful for your support in the journey that is ahead.  God has incredible plans for the beautiful country of Haiti, and we feel honored to be a part of His work there.  Please keep our family and the whole myLIFEspeaks organization in your thoughts and prayers as we work together to make a difference in a place where so much help is needed.


We would love for you to join us on this journey and keep up with the latest information on our family.  Feel free to contact us by email at as well.




Chris and Tracy King

James 1:27


And the Journey Begins…

“I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”  Matthew 25:40

God has called us to missions.  He has called us to disciple.  He has called us to a place that He loves as much as He loves the town that we live in.  He has called us to a place where there is pain, illness, sorrow, tragedy, poverty, hopelessness, hunger, and fear.  He has called us to a place where there is joy, hope, beauty, love, spirit, and faith.  He has called us to Haiti.

Our hearts and minds are still wrapping around the idea of what all God has in store for us.  We serve an amazing God and we are honored to go out among the nations for Him.  We know that He will equip us for the job that He has given us…

…Mission Team Coordinators for an organization called My LIFE Speaks.  We are blessed to be a part of a group of people that love God first, family second, and Haiti missions third…we are so thankful for this amazing opportunity!  For now, we will be in charge of organizing, communicating with, and planning for the mission teams that will travel to Haiti. We will have the opportunity to lead some of the teams over to the My LIFE Speaks campus in a village called Neply, as well.

So, join us as we begin this amazing journey. Learn more about My LIFE Speaks at . We are so excited to serve alongside some amazing people both here and in a country that we love so much…God is good and has opened an incredible door for us to be His hands and feet.  Blessings abound!!!